Confirming task ownership in the task logs

Making sure your team members complete the tasks assigned to them is imperative to any successful business operations. To check who performed a task, you need to review the task logs and understand who made the update or created the relevant task.

Accessing task logs

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Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. From the top navigation bar, click the mode selector, then select Operations mode.
  3. Click Field operations, then select Tasks.
  4. Select the relevant task.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the task window to view the log.

Identifying the task assignee in the log

There are a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: By "system"

"By System" is displayed in the logs if the task was created or updated by the system, following changes in the auto-task schedule or the auto-task template.
Example: If a user changes the assignee in the auto-task template of a listing, all auto-tasks generated from that template are displayed as "edited by the system" in their logs.

Scenario 2: By "Automation"

"By Automation" is displayed in the logs if the recurring calendar-based tasks were created or updated by someone in your Guesty Account.
Example: If a user creates or modifies the schedule of a repeating manual task, all instances of the repeating tasks are displayed with "by Automation" in their logs.

Scenario 3: By a specific user

A specific user name is displayed in the logs if the one-time manual task is created by a specific user, or the changes were made directly on the generated auto task or the manual task.


  • If a user creates a manual task on his dashboard, the task log displays the user's name. 
  • If a cleaner accepts the cleaning auto-task and then updates the checklists, the task log will displays the cleaner's name.

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