Does an inquiry block the calendar?

Inquiries don't block the calendar.

An Inquiry status is used when the guest asks the host a general question but hasn't submitted a "formal" booking request. Inquiries contain dates, listing names, and the number of guests, but do not have a reservation number, and they do not affect the calendar.

When creating a manual reservation, you can set its status to “Inquiry” if choosing not to reserve the dates for the guest. This status can be used when sending a quote.
For some channels (such as Vrbo, and Airbnb), a guest can send you an inquiry, which can be manually approved. Only if you change the "Inquiry" status to "Confirmed", the calendar will be blocked.


In case you create a manual reservation and set its status to "Inquiry", we recommend not to assign the reservation to any specific sub-unit in a multi-unit. This is because other reservations can be received in that time being for the multi-unit, and might be randomly assigned to that sub-unit (as the sub-unit remained unblocked). If approving the inquiry (i.e., changing its status to Confirmed), it will cause a double booking to occur for the sub-unit.


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