Moving from VillaTracker integration via a channel manager to direct integration via Guesty

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

If you are using a channel manager for your VillaTracker integration, you can switch to a Guesty direct integration instead. Follow the instructions below.


  • Existing reservations with future check-in dates will not be migrated from your channel manager integration.
  • VillaTracker will decide whether to approve/decline your listings. Only approved listings by VillaTracker will be "Connected".

Step by step:

  1. Do not disconnect any listings from the existing integration via the channel manager until all the reservations are fulfilled/canceled.
  2. Notify VillaTracker that you are moving from a channel manager integration and migrating your listings to Guesty. You can contact your VillaTracker account manager, or send an email to:
  3. Follow the instructions in this article.
  4. VillaTracker will do the mapping between your Guesty listings IDs to VillaTracker Listing IDs, and configure your account.
  5. When the onboarding is done, you'll be notified by VillaTracker to contact your channel manager and ask them to disconnect your integrated account and listings. Once done, your listings will go live via Guesty.
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