Why was the additional fee not added to the reservation?

First of all, please remember that additional fees you set up in Guesty might have a different name on the booking channel, which could cause confusion and make you think the fee is missing - if the names do not match. You can learn more about the names here.

If the fee really is missing, you can add it manually, but we recommend confirming with the guest first - since they already know how much they are supposed to pay for the reservation.

To prevent this from happening again, ask yourself if the additional fee was supposed to be added to the reservation automatically or manually:

Pro user Lite users

  • Manually: Someone probably forgot to add it.
  • Automatically: The "Sync fee to channels" and "Add fee to reservations from specific sources" toggles should have been turned on when creating the fee. When these toggles are on, the fee is added to new reservations automatically. Check how the fee was set up to understand what happened:
    • If the toggles are on, check if the reservation missing the additional fee was created before the fee. Additional fees are only added to new reservations. This is by design, since guests of existing reservations already know how much they are supposed to pay.
    • If the toggles are off, turn them on to prevent this from happening again - the fee will be added to new reservations from now on.


Please read this article to understand who is supposed to collect the fee from the guest and to see if there is anything you need to do to make that happen.

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