Pilot: Collecting a payment for a group reservation

Guesty users can easily manage direct reservations and book multiple rooms for a large number of individuals, typically for a specific event or purpose.

When you create a group reservation, you have the ability to add different listings to suit your guests needs. When you are ready to collect the payment for your group reservation, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. You can only perform payment related actions (such as adding a credit card, adding security deposits and sending an invoice) through the group reservation "Payments" section. Setting payment actions per the sub-reservations is not possible.
  2. Auto-payment rules will not apply to group reservations, as payments need to collected manually.
  3. You can collect a payment method manually by sending a quote to a guest, or by sending an invoice to a guest after the reservation confirmation. You can also schedule a manual payment per the reservation status, and you can split the payment by adding multiple payment methods.


    Syncing payment methods via the booking channels is currently not supported.

  4. Once a group reservation is created, the "default" payment processor is used as the "group payment processor" and a “group” tag is added to the default payment processor. To change the payment processor used for group reservations, from the top top navigation bar, click the mode selector ,and select Financial > Payment processing. Then click the three vertical dots on the right side of the desired payment processor, and select assign as group payment processor. 
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