I signed up for LiteOptimizer. Why am I not seeing price recommendations?

It takes the PriceOptimizer algorithm up to a week to start making recommendations, but two things need to happen first: you need to make sure your Airbnb listings are connected to your account, and you need to activate the PriceOptimizer. If you've done both of those things and it's been less than a week since you connected your Airbnb listings, just give it a few more days and then check back.

Does the Optimizer automatically turn on?

No. Even if you sign up for LiteOptimizer, you still need to enable the PriceOptimizer separately.

Can I sign up for LiteOptimizer?

The LiteOptimizer bundle is currently available in 10 countries, with more being added. Click here for an up-to-date list. If your listings aren't in one of the countries where it's available, you can't sign up for LiteOptimizer, but you can still register for a monthly or annual Guesty Lite package without the PriceOptimizer.

The PriceOptimizer and LiteOptimizer aren't appearing for me.  How do I sign up?

First, check if you're in a country where the PriceOptimizer is available.  If you're not in one of the regions listed, you can still sign up for Guesty Lite without the PriceOptimizer. If you are in one of the regions above and you haven't yet purchased a package, you should find the LiteOptimizer package on the billing page. If you're a current Guesty Lite user, you can sign up for the PriceOptimizer under integrations.

How do I sign up for LiteOptimizer?

If you live in a region that supports PriceOptimizer, you'll see LiteOptimizer as a package option on the billing page.

Can I use the PriceOptimizer in Guesty Lite without purchasing the LiteOptimizer bundle?

Yes! When you sign up for Guesty Lite, you'll be able to add PriceOptimizer under integrations.

What's the difference between Guesty Lite and LiteOptimizer?

Guesty Lite is our package for users with 1–3 listings. It does not include the Guesty PriceOptimizer, though that can be added on separately. LiteOptimizer is a bundle that includes Guesty Lite and the PriceOptimizer together. The two packages follow different pricing models.

Is the PriceOptimizer in Guesty Lite the same as in Guesty Pro?

It is! We're proud to make our best-in-class tools available to our users no matter their business size.

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