Covering the Guesty Screen & Protect cost

With Guesty Screen & Protect you will be able to receive compensation for damages caused by guests during their stay without confronting them. You can cover the added billing cost for Screen & Protect in the following ways.

  • Damage wavier fee: Create an additional fee for it and make sure you turn on the Sync fee to channels toggle so it is automatically added to reservations.
  • Add it to the accommodation fare in Guesty: Use a pricing application or Guesty's Revenue Management to increase the listing's base price (weekday or weekend) so that the added cost is embodied in the accommodation fare.
  • Add it to the cleaning fee in Guesty: This will have a smaller impact on pricing and ranking compared to adding the added cost to the accommodation fare, explained above.
  • Ask the owner to "opt-in" to the Screen & Protect plan: Invoice the owner for the fee monthly, when you are billed by Guesty.
  • Hybrid approach: Combine any or all of the above approaches to spread out the added cost across the additional fee, accommodation fare, cleaning fee, and/or owner. For example, if you chose a Screen & Protect plan that costs $50 per reservation, you can cover it in the following way:
    • The owner pays $25.
    • You pay $25, which you choose to cover with a $5 additional fee and by adding $20 to the cleaning fee.


In the Reservations page, view a list of all reservations that are protected, according to their eligibility. At the end of the month, Guesty will only bill you for these reservations.

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