Vrbo inquiry payout discrepancy

Inquiry emails are communications with your guests regarding their booking. This can include questions about the property, booking details, and the check-in/check-out time. There is no valid confirmation code associated with an Inquiry.

When Vrbo sends an Inquiry to Guesty, the proposed financials aren't included. As such, Guesty performs and displays its own calculation, which can lead to discrepancies.

Once a booking turned into Request to Book or Confirmed reservation, the complete financial information is sent by Vrbo, and the reservation's financials are updated and accurate in Guesty


A reservation's status should not be changed in Guesty directly from "Inquiry" to "Confirmed". Extra details, such as contact information and payment method, are required when making a Vrbo reservation.

Guests should click Request to Book or Book Now once their inquiry has been answered to turn the inquiry into a reservation. They will then be able to enter their details.

Should you encounter discrepancies for guest’s payout for Reserved or Confirmed reservations, you can always reach out directly to Vrbo Support or contact us for assistance.

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