Basic fees and additional fees that sync with Vrbo

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

There are different types of fees you can add to your listings and nightly rates. See information below about the basic and additional fees that can be synced between Guesty and Vrbo.

Basic fees

Cleaning fee

You can add a cleaning fee to a listing at any time. Once added, it will apply to new reservations automatically. Follow the instructions here to setup the cleaning fee to your listing.

Extra person/guest fee

You can limit the number of guests that are included in the price of a reservation and charge extra guest fees for those reservations that exceed the total number. Follow the instructions here to apply an Extra person/guest fee to a listing.

The ‘Extra person/guest fee’ is added for each night of the reservation per extra guest.

Pet fee

If you want your pet fee to sync with Vrbo automatically, you need to first ensure your listing settings allow pets, then add the pet fee to each listing individually. Follow the instructions here to correctly setup your pet fee.

Additional fees

Additional fees can be created for your Guesty account (Pro users only) or for a specific listing. You can add them in manually, or set them up to be added to reservations automatically, as well as sync them with booking channels.

Check this article here to understand how additional fees are mapped between Guesty and Vrbo.

Security deposit (Pro users only)

A security deposit is an amount you hold to help cover additional costs if your property is damaged during someone's stay. In addition, with a deposit in place guests are often more mindful of their actions that could cause damage. Follow the instructions here to add a security deposit to your listing.

In Vrbo, security deposit is known as refundable damage deposit.

While Guesty makes the security deposit visible on the booking channels, Guesty is not responsible for collecting the fee for the reservation. You are responsible for collecting the security deposit fee for Vrbo reservations.

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