Adjusting the minimum nights on Guesty PriceOptimizer


Once activated on a listing, all pricing and minimum night restrictions are managed in PriceOptimizer. Changes to pricing or minimum night restrictions made in the Guesty calendar or listing settings will be overridden by PriceOptimizer.

You can set minimum night rules for your reservations by day-of-week, time period, and upcoming availability as explained below. See full details here on how to access and adjust your PriceOptimizer settings.

Day-of-week rules

If you want to adjust the minimum stay requirements for reservations on different days of the week, select your preferences in the Day-of-week rules section.

Time-based rules

In the Time-based rules section, you can adjust the minimum stay requirements for reservations within a specific time period, like holidays, events, or seasons. Time-based rules are added on top of day-of-week rules.

Upcoming availability rules

Upcoming availability rules help ensure that you fill up your calendar with longer stays ahead of time by defining minimum nights for designated time periods. For instance, let's say you want to create a rule that will apply thirty nights from today and end 60 nights from today and only apply to specific days. Adjust these requirements in the Upcoming availability rules section. Upcoming availability rules are added on top of day-of-week and time-based rules. 

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