Moving from Marriott (HVMB) integration via a channel manager to direct integration via Guesty

If you are using a channel manager for your Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy (HVMB) integration, you can switch to a Guesty direct integration instead. Follow the instructions below.


  • HVMB doesn't allow linking the existing listings in your HVMB account to your existing listings in Guesty, only "publishing" your Guesty listings as new to HVMB. Ensure your Guesty listings are up to date with all the relevant information before connecting Guesty to HVMB. 
  • Existing reservations with a future check-in date will remain live in HVMB via your old channel manager, even after integrating via Guesty to HVMB. Therefore, for a period of time, note that both connections will be active. You will have access to all accounts on the HVMB Extranet to review future reservations. Payments to the PMC will continue as normal for the old reservations.

Step by step:

  1. Do not disconnect your listings from the previous channel manager (BookingPal or Rentals United).
  2. If you are from USA/Canada, please contact or  if you are from outside of USA/Canada to receive your new HMC ("Host Marriott Corporation") ID that will be related to Guesty.
  3. Connect your properties to HVMB directly from the Guesty dashboard by following the instructions in this article. Please make sure to enter the new HMC ID provided by HVMB and not an old HMC ID connected to your previous channel manager.
  4. HVMB will review the properties and complete a test reservation. HVMB will inform you when they are ready to go live with your listings from Guesty. Next, HVMB will deactivate the listings from your previous channel manager.


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