Finding your way around the new property page in Guesty

We are excited to announce a fresh and improved set of menus on Guesty’s Property page, designed to enhance your user experience and streamline your navigation process.

As we continuously strive to optimize our platform, we understand the importance of intuitive and accessible interfaces.

In this article, we will walk you through the new menu structure, highlighting the updated locations of key items, and providing you with a comprehensive guide to confidently navigate through the revamped Guesty Property page.

Get ready to discover an even more efficient way to manage your vacation rentals and maximize your hosting potential.
Let's dive in!


The following are currently available for some users:

  • Marketing tab


The “Location & details” page

You can find the new “Locations & details” page under the “Details & Layout” tab.
Here you can edit the following settings for your property:

  • Full address
    This includes the address, building name (optional), and your property’s exact location with longitude & latitude.
  • Property details
    This includes the listing type, maximum number of guests allowed (occupancy), number of bathrooms, and more. 
  • Custom cleaning instructions
    This is currently available for Pro users only.
  • Guests should know
    This section has a list of variables created on the most common custom fields (e.g. Wifi, parking instructions, etc.).


The “Amenities” page

You can find the new “Amenities” page under the “Details & Layout” tab.
Here you can add, edit, or remove amenities to your property in two ways:

  • Using the search box
    1. Search for an amenity by typing it in the search box.
    2. Filter amenities based on the booking channels you’re connected to.
  • Selecting from the “Popular amenities” list
    Here you can easily checkmark all of the most popular amenities that guests search for while booking a property.

We have also updated the list of amenities and added a variety of new ones.


The “Reservation policies” page


If your property is a multi-unit, you’ll find the reservation policy settings in the parent unit’s settings.

You can find the new “Reservation policies” page under the “Pricing & Policies” tab.
Here you can edit the following settings for your property:

  • Check-in and check-out policy
    This includes check-in/check-out times, entry instructions, door codes, and more.
  • House rules
    This includes child policy, pet policy, and more.
  • Booking options
  • Cancellation policy
    Once you’ve connected to property to other listing channels (e.g., Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, Vrbo, Expedia, and/or Hopper) you’ll be able to edit the cancelation policy here.


The “Marketing” tab

The updated “Marketing” has 3 new tabs to edit the marketing settings for your property:

  • Descriptions
    Here you can include in-depth descriptions of your property and its surroundings to help market and upsell your listing — including the listing title, a summary of the property, how to get around, guest access, and more.
  • Photos
    Here you can easily manage all of your property’s photos — including adding/removing pictures and arranging them.
  • Publish on channels
    Here you can manage where your property is listed, as well as, snooze settings.


The "Owner & license" page

You can find the new "Owner & license" page under the "Details & Layout" tab.
Here you can edit the following settings for your property:


The "Settings" page

The updated "Setting" page now includes the following features:

  • "PMS Features" under "GENERAL" and "DEACTIVATE" section options is now a Listing is active toggle under "Listing status" section.
  • "IMPORT / EXPORT" section in Actions button with a dropdown: including a new option to "Duplicate" a listing. (available for Pro users only)
  • "CLEANING STATUS" moved and is now under "Automation" tab.
  • "Tags" under "GENERAL" is now a separate section at the bottom of the "Settings" page.
  • "Custom signature" under "INBOX" was removed.
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