Beta: Can an additional fee be included in the accommodation fare?

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

Yes. When you create or edit an additional fee, you can turn on the "deduct as part of the accommodation fare" toggle. The deducted fee will be added automatically to new reservations when they are created in Guesty, but the accommodation fare on the booking channel will not change.


The listing's accommodation fare is $200, and the listing has a deducted $15 fireplace fee.

On booking channels, guests see a $200 accommodation fare, and they do not know it actually includes a $15 fee.

In Guesty, we present the deducted fee as a separate entity in the guest folio breakdown - twice:

  • As a separate line item, in a positive amount - like any other additional fee.
  • As a line item under the accommodation fare, in a negative amount - to reflect that the fee is part of the accommodation fare, without increasing it.

If you need help creating the additional fee you want to deduct, you can follow these instructions. If the fee already exists, it will be listed in the additional fees section and you will be able to select it after clicking Edit.


Any tax that is applied to the accommodation fare will apply to the deducted fee as well, since it is part of the accommodation fare.

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