This article is relevant if you received notification in Guesty that we migrated cancellation policies from listings that already had rate plans.

As part of our rate plan enhancements, you will manage cancellation policies in one place for booking sources that use rate plans - through rate plans or cancellation policies on the listing. These rate plan sources are:

  • Expedia
  • Manual reservations
  • Direct reservations (made through the booking website, booking engine, and booking engine API)

For any listing that currently has rate plans and is connected to these sources - since you have cancellation policies on the listing, they need to be moved to rate plans. We will move them for you. Once we do that, you will see new rate plans that did not exist before, and the option to edit the cancellation policy on the listing will be blocked (instead, the listing will have a link redirecting you to rate plans - we will filter them for you, to show the plans relevant to the listing).

The new rate plans will be created per channel, per cancellation policy, and will automatically be assigned to all relevant listings.

The naming convention for the new plans is as follows: BAR-channel name-CPname-CPfee[0,50,100]). For example: BAR-bookingCom-firm-50 and BAR-expedia-moderate-100.

Any rate plans you had before the enhancements will not be changed.

Moving forward, for new listings that you connect with these rate plan sources, you will have to decide if you want to use rate plans or cancellation policies - but you will not no longer be able to have both.


  • If you want to keep the promotions and fees you had on your previous rate plan in Expedia, create the promotion in Guesty, since changes made in Expedia will not sync.
  • For linked listings, manage cancellation policies and rate plans in Guesty, since changes made in Expedia will not sync.
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