Guesty Lite is a powerful property management package offered by Guesty, designed for users seeking a streamlined and self-service experience. It is part of Guesty's ecosystem, providing users with essential features to manage their vacation rental properties efficiently. Guesty Lite is suitable for a wide range of users, from property managers with five or fewer listings to hosts seeking a scalable solution to maximize bookings.

Guesty Lite and Guesty Pro are two fully integrated packages on a unified platform. Guesty Lite leverages Guesty's strong technology, channel integrations, Unified Inbox, best-in-class communication, payment automations, and more. Certain features continue to be available exclusively for Pro users, including multiple users, Guesty Advanced Websites, Advanced Analytics, Accounting, and integrations with additional and premium channels, as well as advanced capabilities within the basic features such as custom fields, customized workflows, and automated payments.

Guesty Lite supports major vacation rental platforms including Airbnb, Vrbo, and It provides users with easy-to-use, self-onboarding channel wizards for seamless integration with these popular booking channels.

Airbnb is the starting point for new entrepreneurs/property owners, and is the most streamlined process to create a listing. Guesty has a preferred relationship with Airbnb making the connection between Guesty and Airbnb seamless — which is why we've made it both convenient and essential to connect your Airbnb account to your Guesty account.

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