What are the Marriott (HVMB) items displayed in the guest invoice?

See the list below of the different items displayed on your Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonboy (HVMB) guest reservation invoice.


The taxes and fees in the guest invoice are displayed as Guesty receives them from HVMB. We do not have the option to retrieve the exact itemized values of the cleaning fee or any additional fees.

  • Accommodation fare: the sum of the reservation's nightly rates minus the potential discount contract with Marriott, minus generic Marriott promotions.
    • Accommodation fare does not include potential extra person fee(s)
  • Total reservation taxes: the sum of all taxes applied to the accommodation fare and reservation fees
  • Service fee: the sum of all basic and additional fees
    • including extra person fee, cleaning fee, and any other additional fees synced with HVMB
  • Host channel fee (will be shown as a negative amount): the sum of HVMB’s commission and transaction processing fee.
  • Total: the total payout amount you will receive
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