Beta: Communicating with Vrbo guests

Previously, communication with Vrbo guests has been managed exclusively using proxy emails. This can create friction, including the requirement for guests to send a message from the Vrbo Inbox first, in order for you to be able to communicate with them via Vrbo.

The new Vrbo messaging API provides a smooth and reliable communication method between you and your Vrbo guests via the Guesty Inbox.

Best practices

  • Enable message sync

In order for communication to flow between Guesty and Vrbo, make sure that you have enabled message sync by adding the Guesty integration email to your Vrbo account and as a contact in each of your Vrbo properties.

  • Workflows

Review your relevant workflows to use the booking channel option for automated messages. If you are already set up for sending to all booking channels, no action is needed.

If you have set up auto messages for Vrbo specifically via email, this should be updated to be sent via booking channel. Otherwise, automated messages will be sent to the Vrbo guest's private email address.

  • Inbox

When sending a message to the guest, choose to send your message "via Vrbo" for the guest to receive the message in their Vrbo inbox. This replaces the previous option of sending "via Email" using the guest's proxy email address.

Limitations and workarounds

  • Inquiries
    • Existing inquiries with dates will continue to be managed through the proxy email. Set the proxy email as the guest's primary email address. When replying to the guest choose "via Email".
    • New inquires that include dates will be received in the Guesty Inbox.
    • In general, inquiries with no dates specified will not be sent to Guesty and must be responded to in Vrbo
  • Cancellation requests

A cancellation request from a guest will still be received in the Inbox from the proxy email. The booking can be canceled in Guesty. To respond to the guest, set proxy email as the guest's primary email address and reply "via Email".

  • Message attachments

While clickable links can be included in the message, you are not able to upload attachments through the new messaging API.  You can choose to send an attachement via Email to the guest's private email address.

  • Reservations made via Expedia

Vrbo reservations that are made via Expedia will continue to be managed through the proxy email.

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