Pilot: Publishing a listing to Booking.com

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When connecting your Booking.com and Guesty accounts, you can add new listings in two ways:

  • Link” your existing listings in Guesty to your existing listings in Booking.com, and manage them in Guesty. Learn more here.
  • Publish” your existing listings in Guesty to Booking.com. Create a listing from scratch in Guesty, and add it directly to Booking.com. Follow the steps below.


  • Guesty Lite users can only link existing Booking.com listings to Guesty.
  • Learn what data is synced between Guesty and Booking.com.

Before you begin

Read the following facts and limitations:

  • You will need to connect your Booking.com accout to Guesty before publishing a new listing. If you haven’t set the connection yet, you will be directed to set it up as described below.
  • You will need to create the listing in Guesty before publishing it to Booking.com.
  • Complexes cannot be published to Booking.com and instead must be created in Booking.com, and then to be linked to Guesty. 
  • The Booking.com account you wish to publish the listing in, must have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEID). Learn more here.
  • Publishing a listing may take up to 3 business days following the end of the setup process, during which the connection status will display as "Pending". Contact us if the listing remains "Pending" for more than 3 days.
  • Taxes can be synced to Booking.com only upon the initial publishing. If any updates are made to one of the tax values in Guesty after the initial publish, they will not be synced to Booking.com unless the status of the listing on the Booking.com Extranet is "XML: Being Built". Therefore, for any future tax updates, you should contact Booking.com.
  • If updates are made to the values of the following items in Guesty after the listing was published, you need to manually update them on Booking.com as well:
    • Authorization hold
    • Listings’ address
    • Listing’s title
  • Ensure the listing you’d like to publish is activated and listed.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common problems here.

You can publish listings from Guesty via the main Booking.com distribution page, or from a specific account's page.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  3. Click Distribution.
  4. Click the Booking.com thumbnail.
  5. To the right of the relevant account, click +Publish listing. Alternatively, click on the relevant account. Then, in the top right corner of the account page, click Publish to channel.
  6. In the “Select a Guesty listing” page, select the listing you’d like to publish from the upper dropdown. You can search the listing by typing the listing’s name, nickname, or address.
    • In the case of a multi-unit, select the main listing in Guesty, and not any specific sub-unit.
  7. Select the listing’s relevant room type from the lower dropdown. Ensure that the room type you choose best describes your listing.
    • Selecting a room type may prompt you to add some additional information required for this type of room. For example, you may be asked to fill in the maximum occupancy for the listing, list the included amenities, etc.
  8. Under “details to display on Booking.com”, validate the property title and contact number as they appear in Guesty, and update the information (if needed). Ensure both of them are valid and with no restricted values (i.e., no special characters.).
  9. Under “Additional details”, choose whether to add the room size and select whether to activate the toggles: “Display company logo on Booking.com” and/or “Display company description on Booking.com”.
  10. Click Next.
    • If the property does not require license details, step 5 in the left sidebar will be crossed. Otherwise, you will need to fill out the property license in the final step of the setup process (see step 19).
  11. In the “Listing policy setup” page, you’ll be prompted to select and apply a rate plan(s) or a cancelation policy for the listing. 
    • If you’ve already assigned a rate plan(s) in Guesty for this listing, click Next to apply the listing’s rate plan(s). You can see all the existing rate plans for this listing displayed below. If you’d like to edit your existing rate plan(s), click the side note to the right.
    • If the listing is not assigned to any rate plan yet, select Rate plan (for multiple listings) or a Cancellation policy (per listing)
      • Note you can create and apply more than one rate plan for the same listing, and use the same rate plan for multiple listings. However, you can create only one cancellation policy for a specific listing.
  12. If you choose to create a rate plan, click Create your first Rate plan, and follow the setup instructions. If you choose to create a cancellation policy, select a policy and a cancellation fee from the dropdowns.
  13. In the “Child policy” page, select either Allow booking with children or Do not allow booking with children.
  14. If you selected “Do not allow booking with children”, click Next. Otherwise, fill in the maximum number of children allowed for a reservation, select the minimum and maximum age for a child rate, and choose the child rate fee per night. Then, click Next.
  15. In the “Payment processing” page, select either You will charge guest payments or Booking.com will charge guest payments. Learn more here.
    • By selecting who will charge your guest (Booking.com or yourself), you choose who will function as the Merchant of Records, in charge of processing payments and taxes, ensuring meeting compliance, and issuing refunds and chargebacks.
    • If you choose to charge your guest payments by yourself, you can either:
      • Use Guesty’s owned payment processor
      • Use an external processing method supported by Guesty
      • Don't set up a payment processor in Guesty, and charge your guests manually outside of Guesty. 
  16. If you selected to charge your guest payments by yourself, under “choose which credit cards do you accept”, select all the relevant credit cards you can accept, and click Next. If you choose Booking.com to charge your guests, refer to the next step.
  17. If you selected Booking.com to charge guests payments, click Payments by Booking.com or Online payments.
    • Payments processed by Booking.com (payments by Booking.com) cannot be shown on Guesty’s reservation page. Learn more about what you can do here.
    • Payments by Booking.com / Online payments are both pending Booking.com’s approval. You can check your eligibility and sign up from the Extranet’s Finance page. 
  18. In the pop-up window, click Continue.
    • Note that it may take up to 24 hours following publishing the listing until you can check your eligibility & sign up for Booking.com payments solutions.
  19. Based on the property’s location and according to the relevant area’s regulations, you may be shown an additional page, on which you are required to fill in your License details. Fill in the details and click Publish to Booking.com, or click Add license later if you wish to add it later, then click again Add license later to confirm.
    • Note that in case you’d like to add the property license later, the listing will not be published, and the listing’s status on Guesty’s Booking.com distribution page will be shown as “failed”.
  20. A pop-up message will be displayed, confirming the publication of the listing to Booking.com. Click Continue to dashboard.
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