Google VR, Marriott (HVMB), and additional booking channels: Connection statuses & troubleshooting guide


This article is relevant to listings from the following channels only:

  • Google Vacation Rentals (Google VR)
  • Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy (HVMB)
  • Glamping Hub, HomeToGo, Hopper, Plum Guide, TravelStaytion, Whimstay, Smiling House, VillaTracker, Holidu, Blueground, and Amplify by StaySense

When connecting your Guesty's listings to a channel, the listing status can be one of the following: "Live in channel", "Pending", "Failed", or "Disconnected".

To see what is the listing's current status, you need to access the relevant channel's integration page. Next to the relevant listing's row, hover over the relevant status to display any additional information. Learn more about each status & some basic troubleshooting below.


Making changes to a listing after initiating the connection process

Making changes to listings after the connection process with the channel was initiated, can only be synced to the channel if the listing’s status is either “Failed” or “Connected”.

For example, if you finished the connection setup to a channel, and the listing is in “Pending” status, adding images to the listing in Guesty won’t be synced to the channel. You will need to wait for the listing’s connection status to change to "Connected", or "Failed".

If the status changed to “Connected”, the added images will be synced to the channel.

If the status changes to “Failed” you will need to initiate the connection process again (the photos will be pushed to the channel).

Also, listing changes won’t be pushed to (existing) confirmed reservations, only to the upcoming ones.


Listing status: Live in channel

Your request has been approved by the channel and the listing is ready to be published. However, this status does not necessarily mean the listing is published on the channel.

If for some reason you cannot find your listing on the channel, please contact the channel’s customer support to learn more. In the case of Google Vacation Rentals, see below:

For Google listings:

In the case of Google Vacation Rentals, please allow up to three weeks after publishing your listings for them to become live on Google. After three weeks, follow the instructions below to search for your listings on Google:

  1. In your browser, navigate to Google Travel.
  2. Click Vacation rentals.
  3. Use the search bar to search for the city/neighborhood/ area in which your listing is located.
  4. Use the map to zoom in on the property’s location.
  5. If you are not able to find the listing, contact us.


Listing status: Pending

Your request has been sent to the channel and is being reviewed for approval. Generally, It may take up to 20 days for a pending listing to be reviewed for most channels. For HVMB listings, it may take up to 60 days, while for Hopper listings, it can take up to 24 hours (approximately). To learn more about the listing's "Pending" status, hover over the status to retrieve the date when the listing is expected to be connected, or to view further information.

If the listing is still pending after the mentioned number of days have passed, then the channel prerequisites or listing limitations might not have been met. You'll be advised who to contact:

For Google:

One possible reason your listings may be pending, is because your photos are incompatible with Google's requirements. Read this article to learn more. To confirm the resolution of your photos, navigate to the Marketing tab of your Properties page, and check each photo by right clicking it and selecting Inspect.

If the listing's status is Pending after more than 20 days and the issue is not resolved, Contact us.

For Marriot:

If you click on Longer than expected, a pop-up message will inform you to reconnect the listing and contact your HVMB Account Manager/PoC to approve the listing. In this case, please contact your HVMB representative to learn more about your listing's situation.

If the listing is not with a "Live in channel" or "Failed" status with a note that “Marriott rejected this listing”, and more than 60 days have passed, then the channel prerequisites or listing limitations may not have been met. Please read carefully the notifications provided along with the listing status. Contact your HVMB representative to learn more in case of any questions.

For Hopper:

Contact the channel directly if the listing's status is "Pending" after more than 48 hours.

For all other channels:

Contact the channel directly if the listing's status is "Pending" after more than 20 days.


Listing status: Failed

Your request hasn't been approved by the channel. Click Learn more next to the listing's "Failed" status to know how to resolve the issue. 

All channels - failed statuses:

Your listing has been rejected by the channel because it was illegible or has been in Pending status for more than the required number of days (see above). Guesty will advise you to contact the channel or Guesty (for Google listings).

Google failed statuses:

Your listing was not approved by Guesty to be sent to the channel

You can see the failure reason in the listings dashboard and fix it as needed. Some possible reasons we may not validate your listing are that there is a missing title, a missing public description, or it does not have enough photos. 

"Not Enough images with Google required quality to create a listing"


Google detected that there is no landing page of this listing and this is technically referring to your Booking Engine site. You can reconnect the listing to restart the connection process. This should also renew the expected date for the listing to become connected


Listing status: Pending Disconnect

This status means that your listing is currently connected, and is waiting to be disconnected. Once the extranet sends us the confirmation to disconnect the listing, it will be disconnected.
Keep in mind that after choosing to disconnect, the "Pending Disconnect" status may take up to 24 hours to finalize, since the extranet channel sends a "webhook" to complete the closure of ARI (availability, rates, and inventory).


Listing status: Disconnected

Disconnected status is displayed when you stop the syncing of a listing between Guesty to the channel. In this case, you cannot publish new listings from Guesty to the channel, and any update made in Guesty won't be synced to the channel, and vice versa.


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