Google Vacation Rentals: General information

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Integration details & limitations


  • See here what data is synced between Google Vacation Rentals and Guesty.
  • Learn how to connect your Google Vacation Rentlas account and listings to Guesty.

General eligibility: 

  • Coverage: All countries supported
  • This integration works in conjunction with Guesty’s Booking Engine/ Booking Engine API. Your listings must be connected to one of these to be able to integrate with Google. Learn more here.



  • Check-in and check-out times can be defined at the listing level in Guesty.
  • Cancelations
    • All Guesty's cancellation policies are applicable to the Booking Engine(s). All cancellation policies must be configured in your rate plan settings. Learn more.


Any markups, promotions, rate plans, basic and additional fees, or taxes applied to your Booking Engine or Booking Engine API will apply to your Google Vacation Rentals integration, too.

  • Including Weekly and monthly discounts.
  • Any tax you set up in Guesty per account or for an individual listing is reflected in Google as long as the source is set to "Booking engine" (case sensitive).
  • You can choose which additional fees to apply by default to Google. Learn more.


  • You will not be billed on any failed/disconnected listings. 



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