Check that your listings adhere to Google's required components and accepted property types.

1. Google's property listing feed components

Follow Google's Property Listing Feed Components, see the image below for required data, heavily preferred data, and preferred data:

2. Properties accepted

If you'd like to add your vacation rental to Google, Vacation Rentals, your property needs to match one of the following categories and any of the mentioned definitions:

  • Your property must provide a furnished space that’s private to the guest who’s renting it.
  • A vacation rental must accept short-term, overnight reservations and be managed and cleaned in between stays. 
  • Shared rooms and private rooms cannot be synced with Google (As Google allows only entire homes/apartments).
  • Listings with the word "Hotel" in their name cannot be synced with Google, as Google doesn't identify hotels as vacation rental properties.
Apartment An apartment or flat:
  • Is located in a multi-unit building or complex
  • Has other residents living within the area
Bungalow A bungalow is a single-level home that usually has:
  • A front porch
  • A sloping roof
Cabin A cabin is a small house that’s usually:
  • Built with logs or wood
  • Located by the forest or mountains
Chalet A chalet is a house built with wood and sloping roofs that’s usually:
  • Found in locations popular for skiing
  • Used as a summer home
Cottage A cottage is a cozy house that’s usually:
  • Located in rural areas
  • Near a lake or a beach
Gite A gite is a vacation home found in French-speaking regions of Europe. It’s typically:
  • Found in rural, countryside locations
  • A converted cottage or barn
  • Near a primary residence
Holiday village rental A holiday village rental is a unit in a self-catered resort where visitors:
  • Stay in villas or apartments co-located with other residences
  • Have access to a central area with shops, entertainment, and amenities
House A house is a stand-alone residential building that may share:
  • A wall (like a duplex)
  • An outdoor space
Villa A villa is a luxurious house that usually has:
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Large gardens
  • A swimming pool
 Vacation rental (other) Vacation rental (other) is an option you can use if:
  • Your property is a lodging business
  • Doesn’t fall under any of the categories mentioned
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