Data synced between Whimstay and Guesty

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Supported data:

The following functionalities are fully supported and synced between Whimstay and Guesty:

  • Publishing listings to the channel
  • Calendar data distribution
  • Instant booking
  • Reservations sync (i.e., pulling reservations to Guesty from the channel)

Unsupported data: 

The following functionalities are not yet supported/synced between Whimstay and Guesty:

  • Promotions
  • Messaging initiated by guests via the channel's messaging tools won't be synced into the Guesty Inbox, including the following:
    • Emails
    • Comments
    • Special requests 
  • Inquiries for reservations/request to book
  • Payment status: In the case that the channel collects the bookings, data must be refreshed on Guesty's side to reflect the current payment status.
  • Host cancellations/alterations initiated via the Guesty platform;
  • Host cancellations and alterations made on the channel's portal / via the channel support teams
  • Guest reviews
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