Travelstaytion: General information

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TravelStaytion enables owners and managers to deliver exceptional travel experiences to their guests. Their portfolio is a curated collection of exquisite homes worldwide, offered by a community of professional property owners and managers who share their high standards of hospitality and operate through the guidelines they set out.

Integration details & limitations


  • See here what data is synced between Travelstaytion and Guesty.
  • Learn how to connect your account and listings to Guesty.

General eligibility: 

  • Coverage: All countries supported
  • Currency: All supported 


  • Listings types supported: All (single-units, multi-units, complexes)
  • You can edit your listings only via Guesty.


  • Basic fees supported: Cleaning fee, extra person fee 
  • Additional fees supported: Cancellation fee (only)
  • Markups: are supported
  • Taxes: are supported


  • Instant booking/ Request to book are supported.
    • Requests to book are not being synced.
  • Check-in and check-out times can be defined on Guesty per listing.
  • Cancellations:
    • Guesty's cancellation policies (and any related cancellation fees) are supported by Travelstaytion.
    • You can cancel a reservation via Travelstayton extranet only. TravelStaytion will then send the cancellation back to Guesty and will unblock the calendar. In case a host cancels a booking via Guesty, TravelStaytion will not receive the status update. 

Guest communications

You can apply your Guesty Workflows (including Auto Messages) to Travelstaytion.


  • Channel commission: % based on the booking's total amount.
  • Fee collection: TravelStaytion is the merchant of record. All the reservations are collected from the guests during booking. TravelStaytion will transfer the NET amount to the host within 2 business days following the guest's check-in.
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