Common issues for Vrbo reservations

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

There are a few common issues that you may encounter with Vrbo reservations. See common issues and how to handle them below.

Vrbo inquiry was not received in Guesty

If the guest only submits a question, and not a reservation or booking request, this will be received in Guesty as an Inquiry. However, if the guest submitted an inquiry with no specified dates, the inquiry will not be received in Guesty.

Email notification for confirmed reservation was not received from Vrbo

Once you connect your Vrbo account with Guesty, you will no longer receive an email notification from Vrbo when a reservation is confirmed. If you would like to receive a notification, you can set up an automated message to be sent at booking confirmation.

Vrbo reservation confirmed in Guesty but does not appear in Vrbo

If you have confirmed a Vrbo inquiry, it becomes a confirmed reservation with a manual confirmation code, and the data is not updated in Vrbo.

A reservation's status should not be changed in Guesty directly from "Inquiry" to "Confirmed". Extra details, such as contact information and payment method, are required when making a Vrbo reservation. Guests should click Request to Book or Book Now once their inquiry has been answered to turn the inquiry into a reservation. They will then be able to enter their details.

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