Advanced Website: Generate SEO content with AI

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Use AI to assist in creating the page title and description. AI can expedite the writing process and provide options and ideas to help in creating impactful SEO content. While AI serves as a valuable tool for optimizing SEO content, it is advisable to verify the generated content to ensure it aligns with your quality standards.

You can use the AI content assistant to generate SEO for an individual page or for multiple pages at once.


  • This is a developing feature.

  • If a field is connected to Connected Data, it will not be included in SEO generation.

  • For multilingual sites, SEO tags are only generated in the language that is being viewed when generating tags.

Business profile

When first accessing the AI Content assistant (from the SEO settings or a text editor), you will be prompted to enter in your business information and select the preferred tone (all fields must be filled in). Once the profile is set, the AI Content assistant will utilize it regardless of where it is accessed from. Setting the business profile can help the AI assistant generate unique and valuable content.


  • The business name will be auto filled if the business name was set in the Business Info section.

  • Changing the business name in the AI content assistant will disconnect it from Business Info. Consequently, any changes made to the business name in the Business Info will not reflect in the content assistant.

To edit the business profile:

  1. Open the AI Content assistant.

  2. Click the store icon (Screenshot of store icon).

Generate SEO for individual page

The option to generate SEO with AI can be found in a page’s SEO settings.

To access the SEO settings for a page:

  1. In the side panel, click Pages.

  2. Click the settings () icon for the specific page.

  3. Click SEO.

In the SEO settings, there are 2 options to generate:

  • To create the page title and description simultaneously click on Generate SEO Tags.

  • To create the title or description individually click the sparkle (screenshot of sparkle icon) icon located in the respective field.

Once one of the above options are clicked the AI Content assistant will appear (if the business profile was not set, you will be prompted to set it, see the Business Profile section below for more information).

After content is generated, you will have the following options:

  • If you are satisfied, click Apply suggestions to apply the generated content.

  • If you are unsatisfied, click Try again (previous suggestions will still be available).

  • Copy a suggestion by clicking the copy icon.

Generate SEO for multiple pages

You can use the AI Content assistant to generate SEO for multiple pages at once, with just one button click.

To generate SEO for multiple pages:

  1. If you are in the editor, click Pages and then click the settings icon next to any page. Then click All Pages’ SEO. Or, if you are in the Dashboard, click the three dot icon next to your site and select Site Overview. Then, click SEO.

  2. Click Generate SEO tags and select Generate tags for all pages or Generate missing tags only if you have already generated some SEO tags.

  3. If you did not already fill out your site’s Business Profile, you will be prompted to fill it out before the SEO tags can be generated.

  4. The generated SEO tags are displayed in a table. Use the checkboxes to select which page tags you want to use. If necessary, click into any text field to edit the generated tag.

  5. Click Next, then click Save meta tag changes.

Once your tags are saved and applied, a confirmation message appears in the upper right corner.

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