Missing taxes or channel commissions on Vrbo reservations

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

If you're missing taxes or commission for Vrbo reservations, see the below to understand how Guesty and Vrbo work together and steps you can take to prevent further issues.

How taxes work

Vrbo collects and remits taxes in the United States (in all states). However, Vrbo users who are integrated with third-party software such as Guesty are the merchant of record, and as such, they collect the payments. Vrbo will only collect the service fee in these cases. See more information in our Vrbo taxes FAQ.

How commissions work

The Vrbo host fee/channel commission fee is 5%. It is charged 48 hours after booking unless a cancellation is received. If the fee was already charged when the reservation was canceled, it will be refunded.

Vrbo does not send Guesty channel commission information. The commission for new Vrbo reservations will be based on this configuration. However, the commission for Vrbo in Guesty is calculated based on the accommodation fare and cleaning fee only. Since additional fees are excluded from the calculation only in Guesty, the channel commission in Guesty and Vrbo will not match. See more information in our Vrbo channel commission FAQ.

Check your settings

To avoid missing taxes or channel commissions on your reservations, review the following:

  • Confirm that taxes are set up on your Guesty account or to an individual listing.
  • Confirm that the Vrbo channel commission is configured on your Guesty account or per listing.
  • Check if the reservation is a mapped reservation. Those reservations are manual and will have the source “uploaded_VRBO”. Since those are manual reservations, financial settings which apply to Vrbo reservations automatically will not apply to them.
    • You need to set up your taxes and commission separately for the “uploaded_VRBO” sources, in order for these settings to be added to the reservations’ financial settings.


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