Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy FAQs

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Please see relevant information and answers to frequently asked questions below about Homes & Villas by Marriott's (HVMB) connection with Guesty. This article is in addition to our Connecting to Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy article.

Is it possible to define a markup?

Yes, markups can be defined. Learn more.

How can I edit listings' content?

All edits must be made in Guesty.

Can multi-units, sub-units, and complexes be synced?

At the moment, only single listings and multi-units are synced.

Can I define check-in and check-out times in Guesty?

Yes, check-in and check-out times are defined in Guesty at the listing level. Learn more.

Can I set cancellation policies in Guesty?

Yes, you can set a cancellation policy when connecting your listings. You can select a cancellation policy and cancellation fees per listing from the options offered in the system (14-day policy, 30-day policy, 60-day policy). HVMB has a strict 90-day cancellation policy reserved for exceptional cases only.

Can discounts and promotions be synced?

Not currently.

How can I cancel a reservation?

All cancellations are managed by HVMB. Contact your HVMB representative for support.

Can I connect listings to more than one HVMB account?

Currently, only one HVMB account is able to be integrated with Guesty.

Can I connect to HVMB if I am already connected to Marriott via BookingPal or Rentals United?

Yes, it is possible to migrate listings that are connected to HVMB through Rentals United. See the steps below.


HVMB has paused migrations from BookingPal until further notice.

  1. Do not disconnect listings from the previous channel manager (BookingPal or Rentals United).

  2. Please contact (USA/Canada) or (outside of USA/Canada) for your new HMC ID relevant to Guesty. Please make sure to enter the new HMC ID provided by HVMB and not an old HMC ID connected to your previous channel manager.

  3. Connect your properties to HVMB directly from the Guesty dashboard by following the instructions in this article.

  4. HVMB will review the properties and complete a test reservation.

  5. HVMB will inform you when they are ready to go live with your listings from Guesty. From there, HVMB will deactivate the listings from your previous channel manager. 


Existing reservations with a future check-in date will remain live in HVMB via your old channel manager even when Guesty is connected. Therefore for a period of time, both connections will be active. You will have access to all accounts on the HVMB extranet to review future reservations. Payments to the PMC will continue as normal for the old reservations.


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