Onboarding checklist: Listings

Once you’ve created and activated a new listing, use this checklist to help set your listings up for success.
Follow the steps below to onboard more listings on Guesty.

Step 1: Create and activate your listing

Create a listing from the Plus icon > New listing (located about the navigation bar).

"Creating a listing" checklist:
  1. First, choose your property listing type and create the listing on Guesty:
  2. Next, activate your listing on Guesty.


If your listing is already live on Airbnb, you can import it into Guesty.


Step 2: General settings

You can edit your listing's general settings in the Settings menu (located at the bottom of the listing’s settings panel).

"General listing settings" checklist:
  1. Go to your listing, scroll down, and click on the Settings tab.
    1. Make sure the "Listing is active" toggle is “on” (it should be activated by default).
      This allows your listing to sync data from Guesty with channels, as well as, enables core functions on the platform.
    2. Choose a unique nickname for internal use.
    3. Add relevant tags to help you find and filter your listings.
    4. Set your cleaning status automation.


You can also import settings from another listing, or export these settings for other listings — including Auto Response, Auto Tasks & Task templates, cleaning status settings, commission formulas, inbox settings, receptionist (GCS) settings, tags, and more.


Step 3: Property settings

Use the Details & Layout tab on your listing's page to configure your property settings and add extra details to your properties and reservations.

"Property settings" checklist:

Update the following settings for your property:


Step 4: Listing’s financials and Revenue Management

Listing's financials

Use the Pricing & Policies tab to set up your listing's financial settings.

"Listing's financials" checklist:
  1. Review/update your listing’s base price and update your Additional Fees & Charges.
    This includes cleaning fees, extra person fees, security deposits, and weekend rates.
  2. Add your listing's taxes.
  3. Add Markups or Markdowns.
    Marks/Markdowns adjust your listing's accommodation fare by a certain percentage. 
    This applies to the listing's nightly rate, base price (weekday or weekend), and extra person fee.
  4. Set up Commission formulas (unless you’re using our Accounting feature).
  5. Set up your Channel Payment Settings if you're connected to external booking channels in the marketplace.
    1. Check your available distribution options.
    2. Learn more with Step 9 below.
  6. Set up Auto payments to configure your automatic payments and authorization holds for each reservation.
    1. Set up your Auto Payment rules.
    2. If you are using Stripe, make sure to connect your Stripe account to Guesty.
      Learn more about setting up and using Stripe for your listing.
    3. Add an authorization hold for fraud prevention either automatically or manually.


Revenue Management

Use Guesty's Revenue Management feature to maximize your revenue with different tools, such as automatically adjusting nightly pricing or suggestions for different pricing.

"Revenue Management" checklist:
  1. Learn more with Guesty's Revenue Management Guesty webinar.
    Guesty's Revenue Management tools:

  2. If you are using an external pricing tool, make sure the new listing is active and assigned on the tool’s platform.


Step 5: Guest Communication Service (GCS) settings

Use the Communication Service tab to set up the Guest Communication Service, and help provide you and your team more time to focus on growing your business and establishing your brand.

The Guest Communication Service (GCS) is a premium tool for your listing, that provides your guests with either 24/7 or off-hours support (receptionist service), directly from Guesty.

"GCS settings" checklist:
  1. Send an email to your CSM and ask them to activate the service if you would like to use the Guest Communication Service for your listing.
  2. Set up reviews and white labeling requirements.
  3. If needed, send us additional IFTTTs and screening rules.


Step 6: Communication tools

There are a variety of communication and automation tools to help manage your communication settings.

Communication tools for all reservations

Automate your communication for the most common ways that guests book their stays.

Use the Automation tab and Saved Replies tab on the listing's page and/or the Automations page in the navigation bar to adjust the relevant settings.

"General communication tools" checklist:
  • Auto Message
    Automated Messages are scheduled messages that you send proactively, to make sure guests get all the information they need from you (and vice versa).
    They're for confirmed reservations only, regardless of whether or not the guest has contacted you yet.
    1. Create workflows for all the scenarios you want to cover with automation.
    2. Make sure that your new listing has Automated Messages implemented.
    3. You can create Auto Messages and apply conditions.
  • Saved Replies
    Saved Replies allow you to quickly respond to guests' frequently asked questions in your style and tone.
    1. Create a Saved Reply.
    2. Add personalized information with custom fields to your Saved Replies.
    3. If you are using our Receptionist Service (GCS explained above), make sure to have as many Saved Replies as possible.
      1. You can create folders to organize your Saved Replies.
      2. Make sure the folder's name is clearly labeled and as specific as possible, so that our Guest Communication Services team can quickly and conveniently respond to guests.


Automation tools for Airbnb reservations

The following automation communication tools are only available for Airbnb reservations.

Use the Automation tab on the listing's page in the navigation bar to adjust the relevant settings.

"Communication tools for Airbnb reservations" checklist:
  • Auto Reviews
    This feature automatically sends reviews to your guests via Guesty.
    1. Activate the Auto Reviews feature.
    2. Create an Auto Review template.
  • Auto Response
    Auto Response is a delayed answer that you send reactively, only after a guest has sent you a query, to ensure it's always answered.

    This allows you to customize responses that will automatically be sent to confirmed guests, depending on their stay's status (e.g. before checking in, during their stay, on the day of check out, etc.).

    Auto Responses can be sent to reservations with any status.

    1. Create an Auto Response template.
      For multi-listings, templates will automatically apply to all sub-units.
    2. Customize your templates by adding variables to automatically fill in information (e.g., guest's full name, check-in and check-out times, wifi code, etc.).


Step 7: Owners/Users settings

You can easily manage your property owner's and staff's permission for each listing.


If needed, you can add a new/existing owner to your listing.
The Owner and Owners Portal (a separate website for owners to use, powered by Guesty) are managed through the Owners page (from the navigation bar, click People > Owners).

"Owners settings" checklist:
  1. Make sure that you first create or edit an owner.
  2. Assign a listing to an owner (you can also assign an owner to a listing via the Property settings on the listing's page, discussed in Step 3).
  3. Set up their Owners Portal (if relevant).



Create and manage a user's roles & permissions via the Users Management page.

"User settings" checklist:

To manage your user settings, click your Profile pictureUsers Management and then select your relevant user, and click Roles & permissions.

  1. Create a user in Guesty or add an existing user to a group.
  2. If you have staff with listing permissions (“Listing Viewer”, “Listing Admin”, etc.), add your listing to the relevant user’s view.
  3. Make sure the relevant Guest Communication representatives have the new listing added to their Saved Views in the Inbox.


Step 8: Operations/Custom reports

Manage your operations (tasks) and custom reports (filtered reports) through the Task tab on the listing's page.

Use Tasks and Auto Task to provide your team with the information they need to complete a task — including the task's description, checklist, attachments, and assignees.

"Operations and Custom Reports" checklist:
  1. If you haven’t imported the listing's settings from an existing listing and use Guesty’s tasks, go to your listing and click on Tasks.
  2. If use Guesty’s tasks, but haven’t imported the listings settings from an existing listing, go to your listing and click on Tasks.
  3. Create and add an (Auto) Task template, and assign the cleaner responsible for this listing.
      1. Once you've created a Task template, you can set up automated task scheduling using Auto Tasks in Automation.
      2. Schedule an Auto Task for your listing.
    1. Create Task Reports and share them with your team.
      1. Listings tags will add your listing to existing reports automatically.


Step 9: Marketplace/Channels

Once you're ready to list your listings on channels, you can connect booking channels directly to Guesty via the Distribution page.

"Marketplace/Channels" settings:
  1. Publish your listing to the relevant booking channels.
    Below are a few booking channel options:
  2. In order to help drive direct bookings, make sure your new listing appears on your Guesty Booking Engine and Guesty Websites.


Step 10: Post-channel connection

Once you’ve connected to our direct integrations, some additional options will be enabled for your listing.

"Post-Channel Connection" checklist:
  1. All channels:
    Add a Markup to any of your booking channels.

  2. For Airbnb:
    1. Set reservation prep time, cancellation, Basic and Additional fees, and other Airbnb listing features.
  3. For Booking.com
    Define CVC policy, options for company logo/profile, cancellation policy, child occupancy and fees, cancellation fee policy, and square footage of the listing.
  4. For VRBO:
    Set a cancellation policy, if the listing is child-friendly, minimum age to book, booking method, and payment methods with VRBO.
  5. For TripAdvisor:
    Set cancellation policy and booking policy with TripAdvisor.


Step 11: Accounting

If you’re using Guesty's Accounting feature, you’ll need to add the new listing to an existing or new business model.

Accounting checklist
  1. Assign the listing to your Business Model.
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