In the Vrbo Inbox, you can find various types of information related to guest’s bookings and communications as explained below. For more information, see Vrbo's help article.


This includes the guest's name. Select "Guest" to sort alphabetically by last name. A guest's contact information is displayed once their reservation is confirmed.


The status of the reservation and a response timer for booking requests and inquiries.


The requested stay dates.


A snippet of the last received message and other important booking information like guest count and property name.

Received on

The time shown reflects the most recent message sent by the guest. Active booking requests are always shown on top. You can also sort chronologically by selecting "Received on".

Reference ID

Reference ID is a unique identifier for a conversation or message thread within the Vrbo messaging system. It is a combination of letters, numbers, or both, and is assigned automatically by Vrbo to help users track and reference specific inquiries, reservations, or communication exchanges between guests and hosts on the Vrbo platform.

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