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Please take a look at answers to frequently asked questions below about Plum Guide's connection with Guesty. This article is in addition to Connecting a Plum Guide Account to Guesty.

Is it possible to define a markup?

Yes, markups can be defined. Learn more.

Can I define check-in and check-out times in Guesty?

Yes, you can change a listing's default check-in and check-out times in Guesty.

How can I edit listings' content?

All requests to edit your Plum Guide listings' content must be submitted through this form.

Can multi-units, sub-units, and complexes be synced?

At the moment, only single listings and multi-units are synced.

Can rate plans and promotions be synced?

Not currently.

Can I set cancellation policies and fees in Guesty?

Yes. When connecting listings to Plum Guide, you can choose the following cancellation policies and fees.


  1. Free - 2:00 PM at arrival date
  2. Flexible - 1 day prior to arrival
  3. Semi-Flexible - 2 days prior to arrival
  4. Semi-Moderate - 5 days prior to arrival
  5. Moderate - 7 days prior to arrival
  6. Firm - 14 days prior to arrival
  7. Semi-strict - 30 days prior to arrival
  8. Strict - 60 days prior to arrival
  9. Non-refundable


  1. Total price
  2. 50% of total price
  3. First night fee

How can I cancel a reservation?

It is not possible to cancel Plum Guide reservations in Guesty. Contact to cancel reservations. Please note that Plum Guide charges fees for host cancellations.

Will I be able to see my Plum Guide payouts in Guesty?

No. Please contact Plum Guide to view your payouts.

If I add an item to a guest invoice, will it sync with Plum Guide?

If you add an item to a guest invoice after the reservation has been made, this information will not sync with Plum Guide.

Can I connect listings to more than one Plum Guide account?

Please contact Plum Guide customer support to see if it is possible to connect listings to more than one Plum Guide account.

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