Some booking channels never collect money from the guest, making you responsible for collecting reservation payments through Guesty. This is known as "hotel collect".

If the channel does collect money from the guest, they might:

  • handle the entire payment on their own. This is known as "channel collect"
  • send us a virtual credit card with a prefilled amount to charge. This is known as "VCC".

See below which channels offer only hotel collect, channel collect, or VCC and which offer more than one option, and learn if there is anything you need to do to make sure the money gets collected.

Exclusively hotel collect booking channels

You are responsible for collecting the payment - get a credit card from the guest, and set up auto payments or collect the payment manually.

Pro users Lite users

  • Booking website
  • Booking engine
  • Booking engine API

Exclusively channel collect booking channels

You do not need to do anything. The channel will collect the payment for you and send us your payout (usually in a monthly bank transfer).

Pro users Lite users

  • Airbnb
  • BookingPal
  • Misterb&b
  • Rentals United
  • TripAdvisor
  • Plum Guide

  • Hopper

  • HVMB (aka Marriot)

  • Holidu

  • Whimstay

  • Smiling House

  • Travelstaytion

  • Glamping Hub


  • HomeToGo - UK properties

Exclusively VCC booking channels

The channel will send us a prefilled credit card, but you need to make sure the reservation has an auto payment for us to charge it.

Pro users Lite users

  • HomeToGo - non-UK properties
  • Smoky Mountains
  • Hawaiian Islands

  • Florida Panhandle

Non-exclusive booking channels (multiple payment collection options)

Since each channel offers different payment collection options, check how your booking channels collect payments from your guests. 

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