Enabling or disabling features for the Owners Portal

You can choose which features to allow each property owner to have access to in the Owners Portal.

To activate specific features in the Owners Portal, select the relevant owner via the Owners page, and select your choices in the “Features” section.

Let’s review all the options you can enable or disable for your owners in the “Features” section.

The “Features” section

On the owner's editing page, you can select an owner and specify what features will be enabled for each of your owners.

The features you enable in the “Features” section will be displayed in one of these 3 tabs at the top of the Owners Portal page:

Each tab will be visible only if you’ve enabled at least one relevant feature available in that tab.
For example: The “Guests report” tab will only be available for owners to view if you enable the “Activate guests report” feature.

Owners Portal: "My properties" tab

There are multiple features to activate in the My properties tab in the Owners Portal.

Enable Reservations

This will allow owners to create reservations, and block off the calendar for their own personal stays (by creating an owner reservation).

Enable owners to define rental periods that require the owner's approval


This feature is only available upon request.
To enable this feature, please contact us.

When you enable owners to define rental periods that require owner’s approve, owners will be able to define rental periods that require their approval for direct bookings.
These types of “Request to Book” reservations will require approval from both you and the owner.

Learn more about the Request to Book feature and approval settings.


Show reserved reservations (requested reservations)

This will allow owners to view reserved reservations on the property calendar.
“Reserved reservations” (also referred to as “Requested reservations” on the Owners Portal) are bookings that still need to be confirmed.


Show reservation tooltips

This will display the reservation details of each reservation.
The information that will be shown is dependent on the information you choose to display.
Some details include the guest’s name, number of booked nights, reservation status, the source of the reservation, and more.


You can choose to display/hide all guests' full names from your owners via the Portal settings page.
By default, the toggle will be activated, and all guest's full names will be displayed in the Reservation Tooltips.


Display notes for blocks


The toggle is only visible if the Show reservation tooltips feature is activated, since manual block notes can only be seen when hovering over the block in the calendar.

This feature will allow the owners to see the notes for blocks in the tooltip that gets displayed when hovering over it.
If there aren't notes on the block, then nothing will be displayed.


Owners Portal: "Reservation report" tab

The Reservation report tab will appear in the Owners Portal if you toggle on the Activate guests report feature.
The "Activate guests report" feature allows the owner to view all of their property’s guest reservations.


You can choose to display/hide certain information from your owners via the Portal settings page.
By default, the toggle will be activated, and all guests' full names, phone numbers, and email addresses will be displayed in the Reservation report tab.

Owners can filter their guests' report reservation results by “Property nickname”, “Reservation check-in”, “Reservation check-out”, and/or “Reservation status” (via the + icon/button).

They can also choose which information will be displayed in the guest reservations list via the Columns button/widget  located on the right.


You can add the "Accommodation Fare" to the "Guests report" view via the Owners Portal "Display information" settings

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