Vrbo reservation statuses and codes explained

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When selecting a Vrbo listing's booking settings, you can choose whether guests can make reservations instantly, or whether they need to send you a request to confirm their stay. Guests can also send you an inquiry message prior to making a reservation.

Once a booking is made, a confirmation email or message is sent to the guest. This message includes the reservation code along with information such as the listing details, check-in and check-out dates, and payment information.

Reservation confirmation code

When a Vrbo reservation is confirmed, it will generate a unique alphanumeric code that typically contains a combination of letters and numbers.

The confirmation code begins with the letters “HA-”. The number of digits included after this prefix vary, depending on the timing of the reservation creating and connection to Guesty:

  • Reservations created before connecting to Guesty will have 6 digits after the prefix
  • Reservations created after connecting to Guesty will have 7 digits after the prefix

If a Vrbo reservation doesn’t have the “HA-” prefix in the confirmation code, it means that the reservation was either imported or manually created in Guesty.

Reservation source

The reservation source indicates where the reservation was made. In Vrbo’s case, the source is "Vrbo" or "VRBO", with the following exceptions:

  • Imported reservation, source = "uploaded_VRBO"
  • Reservation made under the UK brand, source = "HomeAway UK"
  • Reservation made under the New Zealand brand, source = "Stayz"

Reservation statuses

Understanding the different stages of a reservation booked through the Vrbo platform is important for both property managers and guests to manage and track the progress of reservations, and ensure clear communication between parties. See descriptions below of each status that can appear in Guesty.


Inquiry emails are communications with your guests regarding their booking. This can include questions about the property, booking details, and the check-in/check-out time.

Before making a reservation, guests have the option to send you a message by clicking Contact host. A reservation with the status "Inquiry" will be created in Guesty. There is no valid confirmation code associated with an Inquiry.


A reservation's status should not be changed in Guesty directly from "Inquiry" to "Confirmed". Extra details, such as contact information and payment method, are required when making a Vrbo reservation.

Guests should click Request to Book or Book Now once their inquiry has been answered to turn the inquiry into a reservation. They will then be able to enter their details.


If a listing's booking settings are set as non-instant book in Guesty, guests will need to click Request to Book and submit a reservation request. During the process, the guest will enter details, such as their contact information and payment method. A reservation with the status "Reserved" will be created in Guesty and will have an associated confirmation code HA-***.


You have up 24 hours to either accept or decline the request in Guesty. After 24 hours, the reservation will be declined automatically.


If a listing's booking settings are set as instant book in Guesty, guests can click Book Now to make a reservation. During the process, the guest will enter details, such as their contact information and payment method. A reservation with the status "Confirmed" will be created in Guesty.


If you change a reservation's status back to "Confirmed" once it has been canceled, it will still remain canceled in your Vrbo account. The guest should make a new reservation in Vrbo.


A reservation in Canceled status was previously confirmed and then cancelled by the user.


A reservation is in Declined status if it was previously in Reserved status (namely, a booking request) and the user declined it (or it was auto-declined after 24 hours).

Managing existing reservations after connecting to Guesty

After you have connect your Vrbo account to Guesty, every new reservation will be received in Guesty. If you were managing your Vrbo account outside of Guesty prior to connecting, you might have some preexisting reservations to still manage.

Depending on your connection type, see the "Managing your Preexisting Vrbo Reservations" section in the Connecting to Vrbo article.

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