Understanding Vrbo reservations

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When selecting a Vrbo listing's booking settings, you can choose whether guests can make reservations instantly, or whether they need to send you a request to confirm their stay. Guests can also send you an inquiry message prior to making a reservation.

Once a booking is made, a confirmation email or message is sent to the traveler, which includes the reservation code along with other important information, such as the listing details, check-in and check-out dates, and payment information.

Reservation confirmation code

The Vrbo confirmation code is a unique identifier assigned to a booking, serving as proof of reservation for the traveler and facilitating efficient management for property managers.

  • When a Vrbo reservation is confirmed, it will generate a unique alphanumeric code and typically contains a combination of letters and numbers.
  • The confirmation code will always begin with the letters “HA-” (which stands for Vrbo’s previous brand name, HomeAway).
    • Reservations created before connecting to Guesty will have 6 digits after the prefix.
    • Reservations created after connecting to Guesty will have 7 digits after the prefix.
  • When a Vrbo reservation doesn’t have “HA-” prefix in the reservation code, it means that the reservation was either imported or manually created in Guesty.

Reservation source

The reservation source indicates where the reservation was made. In Vrbo’s case, the specific Vrbo brand would be indicated:

  • If the reservation was made in Vrbo’s UK brand, the source would be HomeAway UK.
  • If the reservation was made in Vrbo’s New Zealand brand, the source would be Stayz.
  • If the reservation was imported, the source would be uploaded_VRBO.
  • Everything else that was made through Vrbo, the source would be Vrbo or VRBO.

Reservation status

See details here for a description of the different reservation statuses.

Managing existing reservations after connecting to Guesty

After you have connect your Vrbo account to Guesty, every new reservation will be received in Guesty. But if you were managing your Vrbo account outside of Guesty prior to connecting, you might have some preexisting reservations to still manage.

Managing your existing Vrbo reservations depends on your connection type, please see the "Managing your Preexisting Vrbo Reservations" section in the articles below:

  • If your Vrbo account was managed through Vrbo, click here.
  • If your Vrbo account was managed through a channel manger or another PMS, click here.
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