Business model: Activation date vs creation date

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When creating a business model, one of the first fields to customize is the activation date. This is the date in which the business model will become active and apply to the listings assigned to it. This date can be in the past, future, or the same date as when you created the business model.

Reservations created after the business model's activation date will have an Accounting Folio and will be included in Owner Statement.

Past reservations that existed before the business model's activation date are not applied to the business model and therefore won't have an Accounting Folio and will not be included in the Owner Statement. If you'd like to apply past reservations retroactively to a business model, please contact us

The business model creation date is the date when the business model was added. The creation date and activation date will only be the same if the same activation date is chosen at the time the business model is created. In the business models page below, you can see the creation date in the "Created At" column and the activate date in the "Activation Date" column.

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