What is the Payment Gateway Fee on my billing invoice?

The Payment Gateway Fee (also known as the Platform Fee) is a charge associated with enabling payment processing services in the Guesty platform.

Technical capabilities:

  • Improved User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) - enhances the way you interact with the Guesty platform
  • Payment processor connectivity (Payment Gateway) - facilitates and secures online transactions
  • PCI Level 1 Service Provider Certification - ensures payment processing meets the highest security standards
  • Card-on-file (CoF) - stores and manages payment card information for future transactions

Charging conditions

  • The fee is charged whenever a transaction is made with a guest, regardless of its status ("Processed" / "Declined"). These transactions include charging a payment and requesting an authorization hold.
  • The Payment Gateway Fee is applied to all transactions processed through payment processors connected to the Guesty platform, including Stripe. Stripe collects this fee on behalf of Guesty in addition to their own payment processing fees.


This fee will be included on regular invoices based on your billing cycle.

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