Syncing your listing’s title and content in Guesty with Airbnb


Please note, Airbnb has deprecated the option to change your sync settings on their platform.

  • All new listings will automatically be set to "Sync everything"
  • If your content is set to "Limited sync", changes to your listing title and content made in Airbnb won't sync to Guesty
  • Your current sync settings will remain the same (either "Limited" or "Sync everything")
    If you'd like to change your listing's sync settings, please contact us.

When you update content in the Marketing tab or house rules in Guesty, your changes might not sync with Airbnb if they don't abide by Airbnb’s policy.

In order to safeguard the Host and Guest community, Airbnb has its own policy regarding what you can include in your listing's title and content.
These restrictions must be considered when publishing a listing from Guesty to Airbnb, otherwise, any changes made on Guesty won’t be synced to Airbnb.

To make sure your content on Guesty is syncing properly with Airbnb, review the restrictions below, and remove any content in the listing that isn’t part of Airbnb's policy and limitations.

Airbnb's policy restrictions for a listing's title

For Airbnb listings, titles that do not adhere to Airbnb's Title Limitations are likely to cause the listing to fail or cause discrepancies:

  • All caps, repetitive words, emojis, and symbols are not allowed in a listing's title
    • Words that are 1-5 letters long may be in all caps
    • Your title may have up to 3 all-caps-words in a row
  • A Listing title must be 1-50 characters long
  • A Listing title must include information relevant to the listing type


Airbnb's policy restrictions for a listing's content/description


Learn more about Airbnb’s Content Policy with Airbnb's Help Center article.

Some types of content aren't allowed in your listings description fields, and if added, any changes to the content will only be reflected in Guesty but won’t be synced to Airbnb.

  • Make sure you don't include the following content in your Listing Descriptions and House Rules:
    • Commercial content (e.g. company names, social media accounts, etc.)
    • Email addresses
    • Emojis
    • Phone numbers
    • Repetitive special characters
    • Website links
    • Words all capitalized
  • The listing's summary must not exceed 500 characters
  • Important:

    Any updates to a listing's title and content that exceed the maximum number of characters will likely cause the syncing to fail.

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