Airbnb: Adding a "Bedroom" or "Shared Space" to a listing's bed arrangement

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Here is some helpful information about adding different room types to your Airbnb listings.

Room types that are supported on Guesty

You can add either a "Bedroom" or "Shared space" to your listing.

  1. When adding a room on Guesty to your Airbnb listing, the "Shared space" in Guesty will appear as "Common space" in Airbnb.
  2. You can personalize the name of the "Shared Space" room type in Guesty, but the room type's name on Airbnb will always be displayed as "Common Space".

    For example:

    Let's say you added a "Shared space" with 1 sofa bed on Guesty. Then you changed the name of the room type to "Living Room".
    On Airbnb, the name will be displayed as "Common space".

    Airbnb Guesty

Studio apartment limitation

When a studio is published or imported to/from Airbnb, it will be created as a unique shared space. Airbnb supports only one shared space, so it is not possible to add an additional shared space to a studio.


Room types that aren't supported on Guesty

The Airbnb room-type “Living room” won't be imported from Airbnb to Guesty—and the only room types supported by Guesty are "Bedroom" or "Shared space".

If you'd like to add rooms/room types in Airbnb that aren't supported on Guesty, you'll need to change your sync settings to "Only Sync Pricing and Availability" in Guesty, first.


The number of beds and order of room types

The number of bedrooms and/or shared spaces will be the same on both platforms, however, syncing the display order of bedrooms isn't supported.
This means that the order you created the rooms in Airbnb might not appear the same in Guesty, and vice versa.

Please contact us, if there is a different amount of beds, bedrooms, and/or shared spaces.

The number of Bedrooms is "0" or is displayed as "Shared Space" in Guesty

When you have the “Shared with others” option toggled on Airbnb Extranet's Bed settings, it will import those bedrooms as "Shared spaces".

To prevent this issue, make sure that the “Shared with others” option is toggled off, so that your room types will import as "Bedroom".

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