Possible Error Messages When Publishing an Airbnb Listing

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You can easily create a listing in Guesty and publish it to your Airbnb account. Check out the instructions below if you encountered an error when publishing your listing to Airbnb.


If the status remains "Failed", click "Retry". Contact us if that does not resolve the issue.

Listing Availability

"Unfortunately, this listing is no longer available"

This error message is accompanied by with status 404 (Not found) response and can have a few causes:

  1. The listing has been disconnected from Guesty.
  2. The listing has been duplicated.
  3. The data is unavailable in Airbnb, perhaps due to a bug.

If you receive this error message, reach out to Airbnb's Support Team.

Failed Listing

"We can't save your info yet. Links and contact info can't be shared"

Failure to adhere to Airbnb's Content Policy will cause the listing to fail.

Trust Check Error

"Your request could not be completed because of trust check error"

If you receive this error message, contact us to investigate further.

“Your request could not be completed because of trust check error. undefined”

You may encounter this error during the publishing process if restrictions were placed on the listing. Contact Airbnb support to resolve the issue.

Listing Address Change

“You can’t change your listing’s address once you’ve started receiving reservation requests. If you need to make an update, please contact support.”

Airbnb does not allow changing a listing's address once it has been published. You can delete and re-create the listing with the correct location instead, but this will delete any reviews or other information associated with the original listing.

If you would like to change a listing's address after it has been published, contact Airbnb's support team.

Listing Cannot Be Published

“Your listing cannot be published at this time. Please contact customer support for more information.”

During the importing and publishing processes, Airbnb may reject listings that don't comply with the listing policies. Contact Airbnb support to identify the reason for this error message and to resolve the issue.

Number of Guests

“Please use a guests included number of at least 1”

  1. Check the listing’s occupancy on the Property tab.

    • If there is none listed, please add the total number of guests allowed.

    • If there is already an occupancy set, move the guest count up and down by 1.

  2. Go back to Integration and click ‘Retry’ to publish the listing.

  3. If the issue persists, go to the Pricing and Policies tab and click on Basic Fees.

  4. Adjust the value of ‘For each guest after’ by 1 and click Save.

  5. Go back to Integration and click Retry to publish the listing.

If the issue is still not resolved, contact us.

Permissions Issue

"You do not have permission to access this resource"

The listing has been unlisted.

  1. Click the sync icon to refresh the page.
  2. If the listing is no longer displayed, make sure that the listing in Airbnb is listed, and try to sync again.

Listing Already Connected

"You can't reconnect the listing because: This listing is already connected to the Airbnb account"

The listing is matching the previous Airbnb account that it was connected to prior to the disconnection. In this case, contact us to remove the connection, and then reconnect the listing per the usual reconnection process.

"You cannot publish this because: The listing is already available on the integration. Please reconnect it instead of publishing.

  1. If the listing is in the Guesty dashboard, reconnect it.
  2. If the listing is not in the Guesty dashboard, re-sync your account in Guesty, then refresh the page and retry. Learn more.

Long-term Rentals

"You can only host long-term rentals (28 or more)" (or another number)

In order to publish a listing with such restriction, it must have all dates with Minimum nights for 28 days or more. A Listing minimum nights can be set up through:


"Please use a base price of at least X but no more than Y"

"Please use a weekend price of at least X but no more than Y"

This means there is an issue with the pricing in regard to Airbnb's policies.

  1. Change the price of your listing, according to Airbnb's required amount (as per their policy).
  2. The amount varies depending on the currency and other factors.
  3. Try adding the same rate of your weekday into the weekend field.

"Please use a value between X and Y"

Check that your basic or additional fees are not are not higher than the base price. Learn more

Title and Content Sync

"We can't save your info yet. Links and content info can't be shared"

Check that your Title and Listing content is aligned with Airbnb Content Policy. These can be found under the Marketing tab and House Rules. Learn more

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