A listing that was published to Vrbo has failed

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If a listing has Failed 72 hours after being published to Vrbo, it may require additional verification. Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot.

Step by step:

  1. Review the Checklist for Publishing Listings from Guesty to Vrbo and be sure that the listing meets all of the requirements.

  2. Check if the account is connected.

    1. If the account is not connected, complete Vrbo's SSO Form and contact Vrbo's support team so that they can guide you through the process of connecting your account.

    2. If the account is connected, proceed to the next step.

  3. Check if there are any error messages near the listing's status on the Distribution Page.
    1. If there are errors, find the message(s) below and follow the relevant instructions.

      Vrbo validates the listing's address by comparing the listing’s coordinates to the address appearing for them in Google Maps. 

      Enter the listing's coordinates in the Google Maps search bar (in format: lat, lng). The address written in the first field (on the left hand-side) should match the address in the listing’s address fields (in the listing’s Admin page, under the “The property” tab). After updating the fields, the listing should connect within 24 hours. If the listing fails to connect after 24 hours, contact Vrbo Support.


      Navigate to the listing's Admin page. Under the Property tab, check that all address fields are populated.


      The Apartment field is not required; the State field is only required for US listings.

      After updating the fields, the listing should connect within 24 hours. If the listing fails to connect after 24 hours, contact Vrbo Support.


      Check that the number of bathrooms is greater than 0 in the listing's Property tab.

      • If not, please note that Vrbo requires each listing to have at least 1 bathroom.
      • If it is, please contact us.

      Check if the listing’s description fields are filled with 400 characters or more. The fields are concatenated and sent to Vrbo as one, so count the characters in all fields combined (see further details here).

      • If the description fields don’t meet the requirements, please edit them.
      • If the description fields do meet the requirements, please contact us.

      Please contact us.


      Check if the listing has at least 7 photos.


      Check if the listing’s property type is filled in. This can be found in the listing's "Property" tab in Guesty. Only the following types are supported by Vrbo.

      "apartment", "house", "bed & breakfast", "bed and breakfast", "boat", "bungalow", "cabin", "camper/rv", "castle", "chalet", "townhouse", "condominium", "villa", "loft", "island", "cave", "earth house", "igloo", "tipi", "yurt", "treehouse", "plane", "parking space", "dorm", "other", "tent", "hut", "serviced apartment", "guest suite", "guesthouse", "hostel", "farm stay", "tiny house", "cottage", "hotel", "boutique hotel", "timeshare", "resort", "vacation home", "casa particular (cuba)", "pension (south korea)", "nature lodge", "studio", "in-law", "aparthotel", "room", "heritage hotel (india)", "houseboat", "cycladic house (greece)", "campsite", "none", "dome house", "barn", "ryokan (japan)", "trullo (italy)", "casa particular", "shepherd's hut (u.k. france)", "apartamento", "windmill", "dammuso (italy)"

      • If not, please make the appropriate adjustments according to Vrbo's requirements.
      • If the listing complies, please contact us.

      Please contact us.

      "You must choose a listing product type before this listing can go live"

      You must convert the listing in your Vrbo dashboard to the Pay Per Booking (PPB) plan, or purchase a subscription (Pay Per Subscription - PPS). The listing should connect after 24 hours.

      If the listing is already converted to PPB/PPS, or you have converted but the listing still failed after 24 hours, contact Vrbo Support.

      Internal Server Error

      This is a general error that relates to all errors above. If all of the above is fixed, this error will be fixed automatically.

      If no other error applies, contact Vrbo Support to ask for more details as to what is incomplete in the content.

    2. If there are no errors and the listing is still in "Failed" status, please contact us.
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