Promotions conditions explained

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See the promotions conditions below for each booking channel and direct bookings solution.


Airbnb only applies one length of stay promotion at a time. If you create several promotions, Airbnb will recognize the promotion created most recently.

You can use one promotion at a time for the basic, early bird, last minute, and free night (not supported in Guesty) promotions. If multiple promotions apply during a given time period, will only show the promotion that has the highest discount percentage to guests. 


You can combine promotions from two groups. For example, basic + mobile or early bird + GEO. Additionally, you can use only one promotion for the mobile and GEO promotions (not supported in Guesty).


Only the promotion with the highest discount amount and the best value to the guest will be applied. Promotions cannot be combined.

All Expedia promotions types are supported including mobile promotions (for guests booking via mobile) and special promotions for Expedia members.

Guesty will add new promotions to the Expedia listings, but will not override or change the current promotion setup in Expedia.

Guesty supports multi-night promotions for extended lengths of stay, where the "nth" night can be discounted so you can reward travelers who stay longer. For example, a promotion could offer a 40% discount on the third night of a three-night stay.

Direct bookings

You can set one LoS promotion per listing for the same dates. Setting overlapping promotions may result in an error.

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